Are you one in a million?

When the sick and elderly people of Bethlehem reach the end of their lives, they have nowhere to turn. Those without family to take care of them in their last days, will die alone and in pain.

We believe that everyone deserves dignity, care and help to manage pain at the end of their life. That’s why our mission is to raise enough funds to build the city’s first ever hospice.

We know that life feels very different at the moment. Covid-19 has affected the whole world, and everyone has suffered. The people of Bethlehem are no exception. All hotels and businesses have been locked down for months, unemployment is over 80% and there is no social support for the unemployed. In normal times, cancer is responsible for 1 in 4 deaths there. But in the wake of Covid-19, doctors fear that many cancer patients remain undiagnosed and the need for our hospice will only increase.

All charities are in need of funds to help them carry on their important work during this difficult time. We know that there are many demands on your generosity. That’s why we only have a small request.

We would love you to become one in a million. We want to raise £3m so we’re asking one million people to donate just one pound per month for 3 months. That’s it, just a pound. The price of a loaf of bread, or a cup of tea.

By becoming one in a million, you’ll be part of something much bigger. You’ll help us to build a safe haven for the sick and elderly people of Bethlehem. You’ll help us to reduce the amount of pain and suffering in the world. That’s worth a pound, right?

Please donate £1 a month (or whatever you can afford) for 3 months to Bethlehem Care and Hospice Trust by clicking here

Thank you. You’re one in a million.