About the Trust

The elderly of Bethlehem need our help. We want to have a permanent place which provides support to the many more people (men and women) who are in need and from where care programmes including hospice care can be developed and delivered.

Meet the Trustees…

The original trustees from left to right: Rev. Fr John Metcalfe, Michael Hanrahan, Valerie Smith, Graham Smith, Eileen Kerrigan, Catherine (Philomena) McNally, Joe McNally, Laila Asfoura (not Trustee) Rt Rev John Rawsthorne (Patron) James Dickson, Kevin Kerrigan and Rev Fr Augustine O’Reilly.

John and Margaret O’Dea.

Two of our original Trustees not featured in the Bethlehem photograph are the late John O’Dea (RIP) and his wife Margaret. Each had visited Bethlehem and had witnessed the big gap in the care of the elderly and those dying from terminal illnesses.

John and Margaret helped in establishing a Trust to Fund the provision of Care for the elderly and Hospice Care in Bethlehem and remained strong supporters of the Trust. John remained a Trustee until his death in September 2018 and unfortunately Margaret resigned because of her health. We remain grateful to them both for their support over the years.

Our progress so far…

Hospice Care is a term given to end of life and palliative care provision.

Our aim is to provide dignity, care and help to manage pain for those that are terminally ill and towards the end of their life. That is why we need to raise £3m to establish and open a hospice and recruit trained staff to care for patients. While this remains the ultimate goal we know it will take a little longer for us to raise all the money that is needed.

We want to start helping the dying and their families as soon as we can and we are presently looking for premises in Bethlehem to set up Hospice at Home Care this year.

We thank all those who have supported us on this long journey.

Will you help us build a Hospice so that very sick people can be made comfortable and pain free as they approach life’s end.