We cannot separate Bethlehem from Christmas nor would we want to. As Christmas approaches we ask you to support the people of this very special place.

Everyone knows the Christmas story. We celebrate Christmas exchanging gifts and with plenty of food and drink. Many feel they have more than enough. A great many want to do something to help others at Christmas.

The plight of Bethlehem’s citizens today is less well known, Bethlehem today is a place;

  • Where peace has not yet come
  • Where unemployment is high and the young see no future.
  • Where waves of emigration has left many of its elderly people alone, isolated and abandoned to face the challenges of growing old without anyone to care for them.
  • Where many cannot get to their fields to support their families
  • Where there is no pensions, no Social Services and 
no Healthcare.
  • Where there is no Hospice provision for the terminally ill.
  • Where its citizens need our PRAYERS and our HELP


Will YOU make a gift to Bethlehem this Christmas? – to provide Hospice Care for the terminally ill and to help its elderly poor?

At the moment there are no provisions for elderly men.

Please donate today, every penny helps

We rely on your donations to provide the elderly and seriously ill of Bethlehem with a safe and caring environment which will improve their quality of life.

There are a number of different ways in which you can donate, see our donations page for more information. Please support in any way you can. Thank you.

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