We are a hospice charity raising funds to establish and maintain hospice care for elderly and terminally ill people in Bethlehem.

Our Mission

When the elderly and terminally ill people of Bethlehem reach the end of their lives, they have nowhere to turn.

We believe that everyone deserves dignity, care and help to manage pain at the end of their life. That’s why our mission is to raise enough funds to establish the city’s first ever hospice.


Please help to raise the funds we need to establish our hospice in Bethlehem. We are a small charity and we really appreciate any donations, offers of volunteering or support with fundraising.

How to Donate

We need donations to help establish a safe and caring hospice environment for the elderly and terminally ill people of Bethlehem and we simply can’t do this without donations.

There are a number of different ways in which you can donate. Please support us in any way you can.

Our Patrons…

Cardinal Arthur Roche

Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

“The enterprise of the Bethlehem Care & Hospice Trust speaks of everything that is at the very heart of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Being as it is such a practical response to help in a situation of great need I sincerely hope that it will encourage many to be alongside you as through you Christ’s own hand is offered in the care of the sick and the dying.”

Rt Reverend John Keenan

Bishop of Paisley, Scotland

“The care of the sick and the dying especially those most in need are amongst the most precious aims of the Gospel. To do so in Bethlehem the place of the Lord’s birth is a welcome reminder that when we act with mercy to the least among us we do so to him. Amid today’s troubles in the Holy Land, the sick, the dying and the poor in Bethlehem are especially close to the heart of the Church. I am very happy to support this special project”

Rt Reverend Ralph Heskett

C.Ss.R. Bishopof Hallam, Sheffield

“We are seeking to support and make permanent a Care and Repair Centre in Bethlehem which would help service the needs of the local elderly women and men, provide a social network for them, nutrition services, basic health care and a sense that they are still valued as members of their society and are not forgotten.”


Latest News

Caribbean Night proves a big hit

Caribbean Night proves a big hit

On a cold Saturday evening a full parish hall adopted the warmer Caribbean setting and enjoyed authentic Caribbean music, food and a great atmosphere. Young and old entered into the spirit of the evening and fuelled by Brenda’s rum punch nearly all happily danced the...

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Fundraising – Outside of the box

Fundraising – Outside of the box

I saw an advert for a company called Vintage Cash Cow. It collects all broken and unwanted items, including jewellery, old cameras, pewter, old watches, clocks etc. Will attach a letter from the company outlying the items they will take. It was so easy, I tided...

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Christmas Card Sales a ‘Big Hit’

Christmas Card Sales a ‘Big Hit’

Last Christmas the parish of St Mary’s and St Albans Halifax chose to sell Christmas cards in December for the Bethlehem Care & Hospice Trust. The response from the parish was wonderful and fifty packs of cards sold out very quickly. Following the card sale the parish...

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Help to spread the word about the Bethlehem Care & Hospice Trust and help us raise funds for the elderly of Bethlehem. We are a small group of trustees and really appreciate any extra help with fundraising.

Whatever amount you can raise for us, whether it’s large or small, you can be sure that your support will help immeasurably. See our fundraising page for ideas.